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The Benefits Of Traditional Entertainment For Your Kids

While it is quite unfortunate that kids today prefer to play video games or watch cartoons today over some traditional play, parents should step up and limit the child’s time in front of a screen. Of course, it is a better way to make your child safe, however, it will have more negative than positive impacts on their development.


One of the most common ways of entertainment for children before electronics came to rise was to simply to give them a piece of paper and let them draw. Drawing is one of the most important things when it comes to the development of a child.

Even when children are very young, they will tend to experiment by making any kinds of markings on their paper, trying to replicate the idea in their head. Of course, in the beginning, they will probably be quite unsuccessful, but you should still embrace their creation with positivity.

Drawing teaches kids some form of discipline where repetition is essentially going to make them better, which applies to pretty much anything in life. If your children become aware of that principle, they are definitely going to develop beyond other ones of their generation who just sit around in front of their computer screens.

After they “master” the arts of drawing, you should teach them some basics when it comes to coloring. It is important that the coloring book you give to your child represents at least some similarities to those ones of a real world. That is because If a child sees an object in that coloring book, like a horse, it will expect it to look like that elsewhere.

If you happen to see your child making progress while drawing, you should definitely encourage it by getting him some better “tools”. You can buy best kids easel at Step2 Direct or your local toy store as it will make your child even more passionate about drawing, and you never know if there’s a new generation Picasso in your child that is just waiting to get out.

Two-sided easels can be used by both of your kids at once

Playing outdoors

While staying inside and playing in regular activities such as drawing is much better for your kids than letting them play with a screen, making them go outside is always the best idea. Naturally, the outdoors is usually not the safest environment, however, you have to remember that when you were young, the only way that you could play was actually outside.

Of course, you should teach your child that there is a difference between indoor and outdoor toys, and you should not let them mix those two. The best example of outdoor toys only is any kind of riding toy as indoors it could potentially cause your child to knock over some things which can cause quite a mess.

You can get ride on toys for toddlers from Step2 Direct as well as any local or online toy store these days as they are some of the most popular toys. While you might have to teach your child how to use one of them by themselves it will provide them a lot of fun later on.

Young ones will quickly learn the ways of riding toys

Final Word

It is very important for the kids of future generations to continue playing in some traditional ways. Not only will it develop multiple aspects of their personality and talents, but it will also make them more social if they are doing it with other kids.