Selecting an outfit for your friend’s wedding? Check these tips!

Wedding invites are fun. You get to wear something amazing and be the dazzling diva at the wedding. Of course, to get things right, you need the right dress. In this post, we will guide you on the ideas, dos and don’ts and how you can find the right outfit for your friend’s big day!

Consider the theme

It often takes months for people to set a theme for their wedding, and as a guest, it is always best on your part to respect that. For example, some guests want people to be dressed in gold, just to keep the event more fun. Having a theme also makes things simple, because you don’t have to be confused with too many choices.

Revealing – no, not too revealing!

It is always best to wear something that’s dreamy, romantic and yet comfortable. It is always best to avoid something that’s too revealing. Keep in mind that it’s a special day for someone you know, and you don’t want to ruin the vibe.

Get from the right store

There are many online stores that have amazing wedding guest dresses. You can
shop at Peaches Boutique, which stocks both regular and plus sizes, and it is easy to find an outfit that’s reflective of your style and is easy to pull off. It is also important that you have a pair of nice, comfortable shoes, because dancing is something that most guests enjoy and you would like to take part.

Quick don’ts at a glance

Do not wear white, unless the invite says so. Unless you are the bridesmaid, you don’t have match clothes with anyone. Some couples often invite couples in coordinating outfits, so if you have a partner, think of this as a norm. Informal clothing isn’t encouraged for a wedding. As such, it is best to avoid a regular pair of flipflops or distressed denims. Being a little nice and sober goes a long way for wedding invites.

Finally, make sure that you have tried the outfit. Get at least two to three fittings done, so that you are sure of the final look. You will need accessories too, and therefore, shop a bit in advance, so that you can have time to pick up things you need. Instead of a sling, you can switch to a regular clutch that comes with a bling – it’s not your wedding, so focus on having fun!