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How to Choose the Best Women’s Shoes

Women have a special relationship with fashion accessories like earrings, bags, and stylish clothes. And to furnish their elegant look, most would want to put on fancy, trendy, or designed shoes. Unfortunately, there are so many women’s shoes in that market, which sometimes makes it hard to decide what to buy or wear.

To achieve the desired look and attention, consider the following tips on choosing the right shoes:

The Occasion or Event

No doubt, but what’s appropriate for one event may not suit a different situation. For instance, high heels would best suit dinner events, galas, and cocktail parties but may not work for sporting occasions. Also, when running errands, one would want to consider flat shoes. But whichever the event, consider comfort as the topmost priority.

Shape, Design and Height of the Shoes

People have different sizes of footbeds. But, not all kinds of shoes would be ideal for the various foot types. The worst-case would be taking a wrong-sized shoe because it’s fancy; this can result in pain, discomfort, or even damaged toes. So, consider shoes with adequate room to prevent squishing of toes.

Also, choose shoe comfort that comes with the correct height of shoes and resembles the body type. For instance, it would be best for petite women to avoid wearing heels more than 4 inches tall, making their legs appear larger than usual. Therefore, every fashion lover must choose shoes that flatter their legs and body types.

Type of the Material Used

Material is a significant factor in choosing shoes for different occasions or weather. For instance, one should consider wearing shoes made of sweat-absorbing materials during hot weather.

Avoid plastic-made shoes as they may cause blisters and pain due to friction. Besides, they do not absorb sweat but instead, trap them inside. Even better, consider ventilated shoes as they provide more excellent stability and comfort to toes.

Added Support and Stability

Stability is another significant factor one needs to consider when buying and wearing shoes. Shoes without rearfoot support or ankle increase one’s risk of injuries from slip and fall. Again, there are high chances of having shoe bites from shoes without support or some cushion at the back.  That said, consider ankle and rear-foot support shoes for comfort and support.

Matching Outfit

Finding the right color and type of shoes is the best way to compliment ones’ outfit and one of the oldest fashion rules. Depending on the fashion and style a person desire, they can choose suitable shoes that match or complement their look.

But avoid having a monotone look or one item that stands out. Instead, go for a more different type and color of shoe that’s more complimentary. It would even appear excellent to have shoes matching, belts, jewelry, or outfit.


In choosing the best type of women’s shoes, one has to take their time and consider several factors, including support, material, occasion, and size or height of the shoes. Above all, one must put comfort as their topmost priority.