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Four Kinds of Recliners: Know what you Need

Recliners are popular for their design and functionality. They are simply unbeatable for their ability to offer great relaxation. Operating a recliner is quite easy since you only have to touch a button or lever. A great recliner can give great neck and lumbar support which makes this chair for those who have certain medical conditions. A reclining chair can rock, recline, lift, and swivel. But, in terms of this chair, you need to find one that suits your needs. There are many kinds of recliners and you may want one that goes with your home decor. Find a great option at Below are the different types of recliners:

Rocker Recliners

This type of recliner rocks and reclines. It is perfect for people who have insomnia since its rocking motion induces sleep. A lot of people use this recliner instead of their beds. Also, nursing mothers use this chair because of the comfort and relaxation it offers. The majority of rocking recliners can come with the swivel feature.

Lift Chair

This recliner comes with a motorized mechanism which pushes the chair up from its base. This makes it easier for users to get up from their seat. Often, people who may not be able to fully use their legs are recommended to use this chair. These recliners are available in various sizes and shapes so everyone can surely find one that suits their body type. They are usually more expensive than other rocker recliners.

Massage Chairs

Sometimes, these recliners are available with a heating function. They are designed to massage the user’s back and the back of their legs. These chairs can help in lifting or reclining users. You can sit down on one of these chairs to have a comforting experience at the end of your day. In general, this chair comes in a range of prices.


These chairs do not take up so much space and are a great choice for a smaller room. The majority of recliners are available as rockers and wall-huggers. In a wall-hugger, you can sit up straight, making it easier for you to get up from the seat. You may be able to adjust this recliner to sit higher, especially if you have weak knees.

In case you want to get a recliner but not happy with their look, consider one in wing-back chair and modern style. These days, recliners are available in various styles to meet the demand of consumers who want to enjoy both functionality and aesthetics from their recliners.