Five Things you Should Know when Buying your Next Handbag

Purchasing a new handbag can be one of the most satisfying purchases you can make. But, it can also be a nightmare, especially when you spend so much money on something you don’t need or appreciate. The right handbag should hold everything you own, go with whatever you wear, and stand the test of time no matter how fashion changes over the years. If you are looking to purchase a new handbag, make sure you know the following first:

Know that Fit is Paramount

Just like when you try a pair of jeans, you should also try your handbag. This helps you know whether it slips over your shoulder easily or make our favorite top unflattering. Keep in mind that various kinds of bags fit various body shapes. Carrying an undersized bag may make you look bigger and a bulky tote that slots under your arm could make your waist bulkier.  If your body is apple-shaped, choose a bucket bag since longer strap styles can add length. If you are pear-shaped, choose shorter shoulder straps or handheld styles.

Go a Bit Bolder

If you are looking for a handbag you can tote every day, opt for grey, tan, metallic or navy tones over black. The reason is that they slot into your seasonal wardrobes effortlessly while adding a touch of quality into your daily ensembles. But, you can always experiment with trends as long as you choose wisely. Also, think about buying genuine leather purses wholesale instead of individually.

Consider the Size

If you want to shop for bags o the high street, take a tape measure to ensure your cargo will fit. If you are ordering online, check the weight and measurements. Use your current handbag as a baseline from which you can compare. When buying handbags, ensure you just invest in something just big enough for your essentials.

Learn to Compromise

Think about your lifestyle instead of only the lifestyle you want your new bag to convey. If you want top-handle handbags, choose one that can be wiped clean easily and come with a detachable shoulder strap.

Take the Time to Shop Around

You can only get the best deals for any handbag if you learn to shop around. Unless you have decided to stick to designer bags, you can check out various stores online to compare prices of the same handbag you want to buy. Also, shopping around helps you find promotions which may not be available somewhere else.