A Handy Guide on Buying Mangalsutra for an Indian Bride

On a yellow thread or a gold chain, a set of black beads are held together along with a pendant. A mangalsutra is important for every married Hindu woman to wear. It signifies the union of a man and a woman and is deemed the most precious ornament for her. She has to wear the mangalsutra her entire life after she gets married. Designer gold mangalsutra is available in many designs to suit everyone’s taste. Hence, it is a daunting task for every woman to choose a mangalsutra. This article will help in making this process easier for you.

  1. Determine your budget

The financial factor is important when it comes to selecting a mangalsutra. Because of the presence of many designs, cuts, and metals the price range of the mangalsutra tends to vary. So, determine your budget and try your best to stick to it. It will aid you in shortlisting your mangalsutra with ease.

  1. Determine the metal you want

Gone are the times when mangalsutra was only made of gold. As the time advanced, these ornaments are now made with plenty of metals like silver, gold, white gold, and platinum. So, discover all the options available to you within your budget and then determine what kind of metal you want your mangalsutra to be designed in. If your budget allows, then you can also choose the one that bears diamonds.

  1. Select according to your needs

Don’t get carried away by what other women wear. Select your mangalsutra on the basis of what you are hoping to find. If you are looking for daily wear purpose, select a lightweight and sophisticated design. If you are looking to wear on special occasions, go with medium to large pendant bearing intricate designs that will be suitable to your requirements. So, no matter if you buy a traditional or a contemporary design, ensure you pick according to what you need.

  1. Choose the pendant design wisely

The pendant is available in many sizes such as heavy designs, small pendants, hanging pendants, lightweight pendants, and so much more. And after exploring so many designs, you will be confused on which one to choose. But keep a few tips in mind. Shortlist the designs you like, try each of them one by one to see which one suits you. Also, consider the comfort factor when trying various designs. Apart from that, determine when and how often you will wear it to help you select a design on the same basis.